CSGO eSport News 04.08.2016

CSGO eSport News 04.08.2016

In den heutigen News: S1mple wechelst zu NAVI, CS:GO Update mit neuen Pistol-Sounds / Recoil und erstes Statement von CSGO Lounge bezüglich der Unterlassungsanordnung von Valve.

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 S1mple wechelst zu NaVi

Oleksandr “s1mple” Kostyliev wechelst zu Natus Vincere’s.

Oleksandr “s1mple” Kostyliev: 

I am really happy to join this great organization and be part of my favorite lineup with the world’s best players on it. I will do everything I can to achieve big goals together with the team.


Line Up:

  • Denis “seized” Kostin ru
  • Egor “flamie” Vasiliev ru
  • Oleksandr “s1mple” Kostyliev ua
  • Ioann “Edward” Suharev ua
  • Ladislav “Guardian” Kovacs sk
  • Sergei “starix” Ishchuk (coachua
  • Daniil “Zeus”  Teslenko (inactiveua

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Patch Notes 8/3/2016


[GAMEPLAY] – New accuracy recovery method and new recovery rates for the M4A1-S, M4A4, and AK-47. See details.

[SOUND] – Increased fidelity of firing sounds for P250, Five-Seven, Tec-9, CZ75-Auto, and Dual Berettas.
– Added unique reload and distant sounds for P250, Five-Seven, Tec-9, and Dual Berettas.

[MISC] – Added defusekit player state to game state integration support.
– cl_weapon_debug_print_accuracy 2 is now a tab delimited formatted output of information.
– Fix a bug that rarely caused a player to be on the wrong team in competitive mode.
– Fix a bug that allowed players to spawn in unexpected (invalid) locations on various maps.
– Added logic to prevent airstalling (where a player appears to float in midair by disrupting their network stream).
– Added sv_clamp_unsafe_velocities convar (default: 1) that community servers can disable to support surfing, etc.
– Misc security improvements.
– Modified report and commend GC logic to clearly signal failure in the case of spoofed reports.


Second Shot

Today we’re shipping a new accuracy recovery method and new recovery rates for the AK-47, M4A1-S, and M4A4.

Accuracy Recovery Rate

Accuracy recovery rate determines how quickly the accuracy of a weapon returns to its baseline value after firing. It was previously expressed as a fixed value, but is now split into initial and final values.

Now shorter firing sequences can be designed to recover accuracy faster than longer ones, and the recovery rate for tapping/bursting/spraying can be tuned independently.


The goal is to allow players to develop and express their skill using a variety of methods of firing a weapon, by increasing the effectiveness of tapping/bursting relative to that of spraying.

Previously we shipped an update to the AK-47, M4A1-S, and M4A4 accuracy recovery rates with that goal in mind, but due to limitations of the system, the solution we employed had a downside which was a smaller but still noticeable detrimental effect on tapping and bursting. We reverted that change and went back to the drawing board, still with the same goal but without those trade-offs. Ultimately that led us to this new way of handling recovery rate.

AK-47, M4A1-S, M4A4

To start, we’re shipping new values for the AK-47, M4A1-S, and M4A4.

These three weapons are now slightly more accurate while tapping/bursting than before. Individual bullets can be fired more quickly without sacrificing accuracy, and accuracy recovers more rapidly after short firing sequences. Spraying is still advantageous in many engagements, but has the trade-offs of slightly worse accuracy towards the end of the spray and slightly slower recovery afterward.

Here are examples of how inaccuracy accumulates with the AK-47 before and after today’s change:



Next Steps

Today’s values are just a start, as we’ll continue to measure and tune them over time. One of the best ways to give us feedback about these new values is to play the game so we can gather accurate usage statistics, so hop into a game and try them out!

(Quelle: blog.counter-strike.net)


CSGO Lounge mit erstem Statement

Nach Valves Unterlassungsanordnung meldet sich CSGO Lounge zum ersten mal zu Wort. Die Lounge gibt bekannt, dass sie nun eine offizielle Lizenz zum Betreiben von Wetten erworben haben. Dennoch sind einige Länder vom Wettn (nicht Handel und Tausch) ausgeschlossen.

Die ausgeschlossenen Länder sind:

  • Belgien
  • Frankreich
  • Französisch Guayana
  • Guernsey
  • Gibraltar
  • Irland
  • Isle of Man
  • Jersey
  • Martinique
  • Französisch Polynesien
  • Réunion
  • Mayotte
  • Türkei
  • Spanien
  • Schottland
  • Israel
  • Vereinigtes Königreich
  • Vereinigte Staaten von Amerika


Statement CS GO Lounge:

Dear Community of csgolounge and dota2lounge,

From the very beginning, the lounge service was intended as an entertainment service for the esports community of Dota2 and CS:GO, and we have never considered it as a real money betting. Virtual items in CS:GO and Dota2 have no monetary value and any community interaction with the virtual items is meant only for entertainment, without any profit interest.

We did not collect any commission or similar until June 2016, where we started doing it in order to improve our items drafting and quality of winnings, compensate items losses due to issues related to our product or issues with Steamcommunity trading, to enable giveaways for the community and add more features to our service in near future.

After all the recent events around virtual items and the official letter by Valve, which we have received as well, we were left out alone without any additional information or communication by Valve on this matter. We had to make a decision on how to proceed with Lounges as community place and entertainment service. The situation is highly confusing – we are not offering games of luck, we are not offering any transactions with real money or equivalents. Despite those facts, in order to avoid or reduce the confusion, we have decided to acquire a license to legally operate in most of the countries and be able to accept the esports bets by our community, as if it would be real money.

Starting from Monday, 1st August 2016, we will start limiting the access to the betting functionality for users visiting us from countries and regions, where online esports betting is forbidden. We will add additional registration and verification process and we require you to comply with our new Terms of Service if you want to keep using our service. We also remind that our service is only for users who are at least 18 years old.

We will be operating according to the new terms and any transactions related to the items betting functionality will be handled accordingly to the new terms of service, and only on the territories, which do not forbid it by law.

Users from the following countries and regions will not be able to use the betting feature, but still be able to withdraw their previous winnings and deposits: Belgium, France, French Guiana, Guernsey, Gibraltar, Ireland, Isle of Man, Jersey, Martinique, French Polynesia, Reunion, Mayotte, Turkey, Spain, Scotland, Israel, United Kingdom and United States.

The list of countries may be subject to change, we will keep you informed. We are working on a solution for users from affected regions to stay engaged on Lounge.

Please be alerted, that we don’t provide any guarantee to what will happen with your items after the 10 days deadline given by Valve.

We would like to thank everyone who was part of this awesome community through the last years, and we are looking to continue our journey with you and walk through the changes together. We have exciting ideas and features in our roadmap, and we will be happy to show case them to you in the very near future!

The community trading part of our website will continue to operate as usual, without any limitations, world wide. And we are planning to improve this service with new features soon.

On behalf of Borewik, founder of CSGOLounge & Dota2Lounge
and the entire Lounges Team

(Quelle: csgolounge.com)

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