Operation Wildfire Update

Am 18.02 ist endlich die Neue Operation für Counter Strike:Global Offensive erschienen. Operation Wildfire beinhaltet eine neue Case, das unter anderem das neue Bowie Messer enthält. Mit Dabei ist auch das lang ersehnte Rework der map Nuke.






CS:GO Update 18.02.16 Changelog



– Operation Wildfire is LIVE: http://counter-strike.net/operationwildfire

— Seven community maps available in Competitive Matchmaking as well as other game modes via the Operation Wildfire map group

– The Operation Wildfire Access Pass ($5.99) is now available giving access to the following features:

— The Operation Wildfire coin, upgradeable through the completion of challenge missions

— An Operation Journal that tracks your stats in official competitive matches and includes a Friends Leaderboard

— The cooperative Gemini Campaign, featuring replayable missions with individual mission leaderboards.

— The Wildfire Campaign, featuring 30 missions in Casual, Arms Race, Demolition, and Deathmatch modes.

— Blitz Missions, global events that grant bonus XP for completing a specific action (must be Private Rank 3 or above to participate in Competitive Blitz Missions).

— Access to weapon drops from Operation collections: Cobblestone, Cache, Overpass, Gods and Monsters, Chop Shop, and Rising Sun

— Exclusive access to the Operation Wildfire Case featuring 16 community-created weapon finishes and the all-new Bowie Knife.

– Nuke has returned (available in Matchmaking included in the Operation Wildfire map group). For more details, visit: http://counter-strike.net/reintroducing_nuke



— The leader’s glow in Arms Race no longer shows through walls.

— M4A1-Silenced has been added to the rifle section of available Arms Race weapons.


– Fixed AWP icon to better represent the weapon’s silhouette.

– The English string “ALIVE” in the playercount hud element is now a localized token.

– Inventory filter for All Weapons now filters out display items and music kits correctly.

– Inventory sorting by Quality now better groups items within the same quality by their slot.

– Updated the Nuke loading screen icon.


– Fixed particle rain not following the “in eye” player if you were spectating someone.

– Detail sprites (like grass) have been improved so many more can be rendered for much cheaper.


-[vbsp.exe] increased MAX_MAP_ENTITIES to 20480 from 16384 to compile bigger maps.

– Maps can have multiple radar images based on player height.
– Added several features to support a new mission type: Co-op Strike (game_type 4, game_mode 1)

— Added Co-op Strike items: Heavy Armor, Tactical Awareness Grenades, and Medi-Shot.

— Added new spawn point (info_enemy_terrorist_spawn) for use in Co-op Strike missions to spawn enemies which can specify somethings like unique models, loadouts, behavior, etc.

— Added an Exploding Barrel entity for use in the Co-op Strike missions.

— func_hostage_rescue entity is now able to be disabled.

— Added a Heavy Phoenix enemy.

– Added item_coop_coin entity that displays how many (of 3) you’ve collected.

— In Co-op Strike mode, bots will no longer try to path through “blocked” nav areas.

— Bots can be set to “asleep” in Co-op Strike mode and they will stay put until they see an enemy, take damage or are the last enemy alive.

— Added a game_coopmission_manager entity to help manage and relay data to other entities/vscript for Co-op missions.

– The game_player_equip entity has been updated to allow maps to give any weapon to the activator with an argument.

– prop_door_rotating now blocks nav when closed, locked and unbreakable.

– Fixed an assert in prop_door_rotating where it tried to play a “locked” activity regardless of it had it when the player used it when locked.

– Added OnFirstPickedUp, OnDroppedNotRescued, OnRescued outputs to hostage entities.

– Added a convar (mp_c4_cannot_be_defused) that when enabled, prevents C4s from being defused.

– Resurrected the HL2 env_gunfire entity.

– Added two new convars for managing dropped weapons

— weapon_auto_cleanup_time “If set to non-zero, weapons will delete themselves after the specified time (in seconds) if no players are near.”

— weapon_max_before_cleanup “If set to non-zero, will remove the oldest dropped weapon to maintain the specified number of dropped weapons in the world.”

– Added a third option to mp_death_drop_grenade which makes all held grenades drop on death (used in Co-op Strike)

– Updated weapons in Hammer fgd to use weapon models that match the ones used when spawned in the world. Plus added some missing weapons.

– Added env_sprite_clientside entity which is just a clientside sprite (doesn’t use edicts).


– Nuke

— Now available in Competitive Matchmaking, and other game modes in the Operation Wildfire Map Group

– Cache:

— Fixed DM spawns

— Improved radar polish

— Improved visual polish

— Added physics to fence in Sun room

— Fixed numerous “pixel walks”

— Fixed one-way wallbang at mid (thanks TomCS!)

— Fixed fencing at T-spawn being non-solid (thanks JoshOnTwitch!)

– Mirage:

— Removed wall-lamps that blocked visibility from ticketbooth to mid in bombsite A

— Removed shelf inside market near bombsite B (thanks TheWhaleMan!)

— Added a plywood board to bomb-crate in bombsite A to make throwing grenades under scaffolding more consistent

– Slight adjustments to Safehouse, Lake, and Shoots

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